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Operations Management

Our core business is Onshore and Offshore Operations Management: shared-cost solutions or tailor-made set-ups. Our services vary from full operations take-over to tailored participation in existing organizations to the design of a future-proof organization set-up (Operational Readiness).

QHSE Support


Technical Operations Management

Once your wind farm is up and running, operation management and maintenance is a 24/7 task: i.e. work permit coordination, alarm and emergency handling, analysis and reporting. It is our day-to-day business to take care of over 1.150MW wind energy turbines, both Onshore and Offshore.

We design future-proof organizations

Not interested in outsourcing your operations, however searching for expertise on how to design a future-proof organization? Read more about our expertise and service Concept Engineering – Operational Readiness.

Managing your assets is our core business

For asset owners who are looking for a reduction of their operational budget, our independent cost-shared solutions or tailor-made setups are an interesting alternative.

What we do:

  • Operations management
  • HSE management / supervision
  • 24/7 first line operations (Monitoring, Grid operations, Alarm handling, Emergency response, Work permit and Access coordination, Logistic coordination)
  • Downtime allocation to determine (contractual) availability
  • PPA availability and curtailment coordination
  • Safe System of Work of Electrical Installations (NPcEI)
  • Engineering / Analyses
  • Site management
  • Reliability Inspections
  • Compliancy management
  • Management and technical reporting
  • Owner’s access to portfolio / wind farm performance


Commercial Operations Management

The profitability of wind energy plants is directly dependent on the commercial revenues. Therefore maximizing the productivity as well as a high selling price of the supplied energy are key for commercial success.

Convert energy MWh into Euros

As your dedicated business partner, we look after your business case and make sure each contract is compliant to rules & legislations. Our support includes the definition of strategies (wind forecasting and power trading), optimal contract conditions and continuous identification of improvement potential.

What we do:

  • SPC management
  • Contract compliance
  • Wind power trading strategy development
  • PPA contract negotiations
  • Wind power forecasting
  • Stakeholder reporting

QHSE Support

QHSE Support

Safety should always be the main objective when you expect (your) people to work in hars environments and often hazardous (offshore) situations.

Make ‘zero harm’ your goal

From our Operations Centre in Emden, we monitor 24/7 your assets, (safe) operation, incident reaction and organize the required inspections. Based on our experience and lessons learned, our QHSE department provides customized training and guidelines for all employees.

What we do:

  • HSE Audits / Supervision
  • Quality Audits / Control
  • Training Sessions


One way or the other, maintenance management of offshore wind assets in general is still handled in a very traditional way: periodic checks based on calendar days or operating hours. Regardless of how the wind turbine is performing. There are far better methods ...

We already take care of 1.150MW wind energy assets.
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