YARD ENERGY selects OutSmart for Onshore Asset Management

September 27, 2016

OutSmart is assigned by YARD ENERGY to join its Asset Management Team. YARD ENERGY is one of the largest privately owned onshore wind farm developers and investors in the Netherlands.

With its latest assignment from YARD ENERGY in the Netherlands, OutSmart is now involved in the operation of 1400 MW of wind assets (800 MW offshore and 600 MW onshore). Therefore, OutSmart is one of the largest independent wind operations managers in north-western Europe.


Clear vision

It proves that the maturing wind energy market is in need of independent experienced operations managers. This assignment fits in our value proposition to join asset portfolio managers to take care of the technical and organisational aspects of these wind asset portfolios, says Dennis Schiricke, Managing Director of the OutSmart Group. Today, this early vision proves its value to asset owners and fund managers who are in search for operational excellence and cost reduction. It is beneficial to profit from the lessons that OutSmart learnt over the years.

YARD ENERGY partnership

YARD ENERGY is one of the organisations which appreciates the OutSmart approach, experience and services. Recently, YARD ENERGY engaged OutSmart as an integral member of its already existing asset management team. The OutSmart responsibilities comprise a range of tasks such as operational monitoring, including HSE and site management as well as OutSmart’s reliability engineering.

Core business

OutSmart is an independent wind asset management company offering management services and operations management in north-western Europe. It was founded in 2006 by three Dutch wind energy experts. With over 45 employees and various offices in Europe, OutSmart is dedicated to assisting utilities, project managers, energy companies, OEM companies, fund managers, asset portfolio managers as well as institutional and private investors with optimising the revenues from their wind assets.

More information?

To learn more about this assignment, please contact Dennis Schiricke, Managing Director
(+31 (0)6 27 41 55 02).